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Founded in 2001, New York Travel has quickly achieved its remarkable success in the field of tourism as part of the large international group New York Travel with headquarters in Gostivar. Thus, we became the first company to manage tourist destinations in Macedonia and the Balkans and exotic countries.

Why New York Travel?

Instead of searching through numerous websites, guides or social media posts, just lean back and leave it all to the professionals, saving you valuable time.

Save money

Our agency has exclusive access to special offers and discounts, offering you the best travel options. If you want to get the most out of your vacation, we can make it happen.

Personal advisor

Our agents will enable you to organize unforgettable trips. When booking online, you never know exactly who to contact or who to turn to for referrals. With us, from planning to return, you have a personal advisor available throughout the process.

Advice from experts

Our agents are trained experts who have traveled and know our destinations very well, so they can direct and guide you wherever you go. Use their knowledge to make your dream vacation come true. Visit places you can't find on Google.

About Us

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